3 Reasons Why You Need To Use VPN To Sell Feet Pics

In this globally knitted era, everyone knows everyone or they know someone who is friends with someone. Get it? Well, let’s not get lost in the translation because the bottom line is when it comes to making a living online with something as taboo as selling feet pics, there is a dire need to remain anonymous. That’s exactly why you need to use VPN to sell feet pics!

Appropriate marketing strategies, creativity and commitment can help you win over a large pool of clients who have a foot fetish quickly. However, with all this attention comes loss of privacy and the fear of being chased by stalkers or freaky admirers online.

Now let’s see how a VPN can help you steer clear of any such issues.

Do I Need To Use VPN To Sell Feet Pics Online?

First a quick recap: VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are extensions that you can add to your internet connection. They mask user’s regional location by providing a fake IP address instead.

It has become extremely important to use VPN when selling feet pics online as it prevents hackers and scammers from accessing sensitive information on your personal account.

Not only is it important to use a VPN but it is also crucial to choose the right one. A simple Google search will let you know of all the available options but online reviews, the company’s reputability and VPN’s private features can determine which option is most suitable.

Why Should I Use The Best VPNs When Selling Feet Pics?

  • VPNs help sell foot pics anonymously. This is extremely important especially when you belong to a family who might be judgmental of such income stream.
  • It also protects devices and your internet connection from viruses and the reach of scammers.

In a nutshell, VPNs offer a lot so it makes sense that you should be opting for the best one even if it costs a little.

There are free VPNs available but they don’t offer the same level of protection that premium ones do. Moreover, paid VPN software has additional tools and features as well that make the investment worthwhile. You can sell feet pics with peace of mind and earn money without facing any dangerous situation.

Ways To Sell Feet Pics Anonymously

  • Avoid social media: Social media platforms are prone to scams that are then hard to track or resolve. If you are not using a dedicated app for this service, you will be left with no way to claim the money after delivering your side of the bargain. It is quite common for clients to disappear when you have delivered the feet pics and boom! They vanish from the particular social media account altogether.
  • Use an automatically generated name (pen name) on the internet: Name is the first “secret giveaway” that you should avoid. You are probably using the real name on social media, personal profiles or platforms like LinkedIn. Even if you end up dealing with a stalker or a freak online, not revealing your real name would save you from being discovered.

Other Tips on How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed

VPN can provide you with basic protection against loss of data but there are additional necessary steps you should take to protect foot pics and videos.

Always Demand Payment in Advance

It’s very likely that the client can disappear once you have delivered the content without sending you any money. Therefore, it is advisable that you set an advance amount and never release any content to them before the dues are paid.

Any buyer who hesitates from sending money in advance presents a major red flag. In fact, legitimate buyers already know that they have to pay upfront before any content is shared with them. Partial payment is a good way to seal the deal.

Use a Reliable Payment Method

Some platforms that sell feet pics have integrated payment systems while others let you choose any payment method that you are comfortable with. Common offerings include Cash App, Venmo, Apple Pay or PayPal.

If you wish to have a secure deal, make sure you are choosing a reliable payment method. Typically, go with the one that let you track transactions and make it a point to keep invoices safe at all times until the payment is complete.

It is also recommended that you avoid payment schemes like checks, money orders, gift cards, or wire transfers as they are not considered safe for money transfers especially when dealing with someone you don’t personally know.

Create Separate Social Media Account For Privacy

It is ideal to have a separate social media account if you want to maintain privacy. You probably don’t want any random stranger in the market to recognize you and make a fuzz in public.

Interestingly, creating duplicate social media accounts doesn’t take long at all. You just need to add a pen name and choose a display picture to create a profile. Choosing to do so on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will save you from a great deal of hassle.

Insert Watermarks To Your Content

Watermarks are a great strategy to take ownership of your content. They can be text or an image superimposed on the file that you send. Watermarks are blurred to not block out the entire content but they do a decent job of obstructing the view, nonetheless.

You can choose something tiny that is barely visible over the image that you send. Make sure you go with light colors. It will be appropriate for copyright protection if need be.

Keep an Eye on Other Platforms For Duplicate Content

Scammers steal content from one website and use it as their own on another platform. Though this trick is getting old, many still get away with it.

You can identify duplicate content by keeping a check on other relevant websites and platforms, social media channen, and foot pic sites. If you see that your foot pics are being passed on as somebody else’s, report it to the website immediately.

Beware! These Are The Warning Signs of a Scammer To Watch Out For

Better to be careful than to regret it later, right? Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of certain warning signs that may protect you and your foot content from scammers and fraudulent parties online.

They Request For Too Much Personal Information

The whole point of using a VPN and pen name is to keep your identity hidden. However, you may notice that scammers often ask for personal data and information such as phone number, housing location, banking details, etc.

You must learn to steer away from such questions politely or, if the situation asks for it, don’t hesitate putting them at their place with straightforward refusal.

Remember that website’s admins can help you if a client keeps persisting for personal details and does not take no for an answer. Check with the specific platform’s support service as soon as possible.

They Promise To Overpay

If they are offering an amount that is too good to be true, you are definitely dealing with a scammer. To trap newbies, shady clients often promise to pay more than the asking rate. They may also falsely claim that they have sent you more money than promised and want a refund.

All these tactics have become common over the years. What’s more worrisome is that a number of scammers are now using stolen credit cards or fake bank accounts for the transactions so they are untraceable.

As a general rule of thumb, you should never agree to getting overpaid. If you receive funds more than what was decided between the two parties, contact the client immediately and ask them to correct the transaction. Only send back money once you have established that the buyer is legitimate and overpayment was an honest mistake.

Clients Keep on Spam-Messaging You

Most platforms where you can sell feet pics let you chat with clients directly to negotiate rates and discuss demands. However, it is also common to see such chat features being misused as some customers spam message often to build relationship out of scope of the deal.

Keep in mind that you are not getting paid to talk to them. Simply take notes of what they want and keep the conversation work-oriented. If anybody drops “off limit” messages, it’s a good sign that you are dealing with a scammer.

They Pressure You To Send Picture Earlier Than Promised

If you find yourself facing a client that is continuously forcing you to deliver the images or videos and wants you to clear the transaction before the promised date, that’s a huge red flag!

Scammers often use this tactic to give you less time to assess that you might be dealing with a fraudster. They may come up with various reasons why they want the images quickly and if you are not professional enough, you may face huge financial loss.

Wrap Up

VPNs seem to be the only reliable method through which you can protect the online business of selling feet pics online. If you are just starting out, make sure you use a secure internet connection.

Moreover, it is essential to avoid public networks such as the data in coffee shops or shopping mall. Hackers and scammers can easily access sensitive information on your device by tapping into unsafe networks.

Remember, there is no danger to selling feet pics online as long as you are careful with how you work and this article would have told you about all the useful tips there are to know!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I use a VPN to sell feet pics?

VPNs are an efficient way to protect your identity and privacy for online businesses such as selling feet. It is recommended that you use a reliable one to encrypt your internet connection and provide a secure network.

Are there any dangers if I sell my feet pictures online?

There is a fine line between selling feet pics and resorting to pornography. The latter is obviously illegal in many states. You must also choose the right platform to sell feet pictures to ensure you are safe from scammers.

What is the safest and most reliable platform to sell feet pics?

I find Fun with Feet and FeetFinder to be two of the safest and easiest websites to sell feet pics as they have won good overall rating online.

What are the average charges of selling feet pics?

Sellers can price their content from anywhere between $5 to $100 but, on average, feet pics are sold for $15 to $25 per picture. If you are just starting out, it is better to price it reasonably and slowly go from lower to higher rates.